Anne Charlotte Robertson

Anne Charlotte Robertson – Anne Charlotte Robertson – Shorts (1976 – 2001)

Magazine Mouth 1983 – 7 min.
Depression Focus Please 1984 – 4 min.
Talking to Myself 1985 – 3 min.
Kafka Kamera 1985 – 3 min.
Subways 1976 – 13 min.
Going to Work 1981 – 7 min.
My Cat, My Garden, 9/11 2001 – 6 min.
Apologies 1986 – 17 min.
Locomotion 1981 – 7 min. Read More »

Anne Charlotte Robertson – Five Year Diary [Incomplete] (1982)


Includes reels : 01, 02, 03, 09, 22, 23, 26, 31, 40, 47, 80, 81, 83

Anne Charlotte Robertson, born in 1949, was a Massachusetts-based filmmaker who used her Super-8 camera and acute self-awareness to forge a radically intimate mode of first-person cinema. Although she was celebrated as an artist in her lifetime, only today is Robertson finally being acknowledged as an influential pioneer of the first-person diary cinema that has long flourished in the Boston-Cambridge area, perhaps best known in the work of Ed Pincus and Ross McElwee. Gripped by mental illness, Robertson discovered a vital form of self-therapy in the diaristic filmmaking practice invented and refined across her magnum opus, Five Year Diary (1981­–1997), whose eighty-one individual chapters, or “reels,” meld bold formal experimentation, self-depreciatory humor, and raw emotion into a charged yet lyrical chronicle of an often painfully difficult life. Cathartic and devastating, rough-edged and poignantly delicate, disarmingly funny and meditative, Robertson’s Five Year Diary offers a remarkably frank and revealing self-portrait of an artist and woman struggling to understand the overwhelming desires and dark shadows that defined her world. Read More »