Anne Cutaia

  • Anne Cutaia & Sophie Peyrard – Patti Smith, la poésie du punk AKA Patti Smith: Electric Poet (2022)

    USA2021-2030Anne CutaiaDocumentarySophie Peyrard

    At the age of 20, Patti Smith arrives in New York and upsets the codes of rock, poetry, and genre. She has become a living legend without ever leaving the sidelines. A poet, actress, and musician. Also militant. An artist with a thousand lives, now 74 years old. The documentary follows the course of Patti Smith’s life. Childhood first, and the artist who says: “I wanted to be someone special. I felt distant. Not just from other children, I felt far from the whole world. I spent my childhood in think I was an alien. ” Little Patti grew up in rural New Jersey and received a religious education from her Jehovah’s Witness mother. But Patti Smith leaves the movement, which does not suit her artistic inclinations.Read More »

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