Annelise Hovmand

  • Annelise Hovmand – Sekstet AKA Sextet (1963)

    New wave inspired drama about two groups of people that meet one evening during a storm. The first group consists of a failing author, her husband who’s about to divorce her, and their clingy daughter. The second group consists a young man, his very close friend, and his new clueless girlfriend. Conflicts abound throughout the night.Read More »

  • Annelise Hovmand – Ingen tid til kærtegn aka Be Dear to Me (1957)


    The eight year old girl, Lene, feels neglected by her loving, but busy parents. One day when she is once again let down, she run away from home. On her adventure she meets new people, buys a dog and see the ocean.Read More »

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