• Anonymous – The Apple-Knockers and the Coke (1948)


    Autotranslated from French:
    At first glance, “The Apple Knockers and the Coke” seems like a small, low-profile film, designed to be eye-catching. But this splendid young woman on the screen seems familiar to us… According to the legend of the time, the one who has fun with an apple and a bottle of Coca-Cola would be Norma Jeane Mortenson, the future Marilyn Monroe. Information which will then be denied.Read More »

  • Joshua Oppenheimer & Anonymous & Christine Cynn – The Act of Killing (2012)

    2011-2020AnonymousChristine CynnDocumentaryIndonesiaJoshua Oppenheimer


    The Act of Killing (Indonesian: ”Jagal”) is a 2012 documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

    When Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto following the tragic 30 September Movement in 1965, Anwar and his friends were promoted from small-time gangsters who sold movie theatre tickets on the black market to death squad leaders. They helped the army kill more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals. As the executioner for the most notorious death squad in his city, Anwar himself killed hundreds of people with his own hands.

    Today, Anwar is revered as a founding father of a right-wing paramilitary organization that grew out of the death squads. The organization is so powerful that its leaders include government ministers, and they are happy to boast about everything from corruption and election rigging to genocide.Read More »

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