Anthony Doncque

  • Anthony Doncque – Guibert cinéma [+Extras] (2010)

    Documentary2001-2010Anthony DoncqueSwitzerland


    Sometimes it’s easier to enter a work through the window than through the front door in order to catch it at its most intimate. The hypothesis of this interesting documentary is that the truth of Hervé Guibert the artist was that he was a thwarted film-maker.

    In his well-researched film, Anthony Doncque retraces the genealogy of Guibert’s cinematic desire from his failed admission to IDHEC to the late phase of video journals accompanying his agony.

    To create a film was Guibert’s obsession. In the 1980s, he wrote three film scripts, one of which, co-authored with Isabelle Adjani, would have turned into a film if the actress hadn’t suddenly vanished into thin air. Guibert commented on this betrayal in his book A l’ami qui ne m’a pas sauvé la vie. Adjani, in turn, talks (only off screen) about this failed projectRead More »

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