Anthony Mann

  • Anthony Mann – The Tall Target (1951)

    1951-1960Anthony MannCrimeThrillerUSA

    A New York City detective, traveling by train between New York and Baltimore, tries to foil an on-board plot to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln before he reaches Baltimore to give a major pre-Inauguration speech in 1861.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Border Incident (1949)

    1941-1950250 Quintessential Film NoirsAnthony MannCrimeFilm NoirUSA

    PLOT: Mexican and American federal agents tackle a vicious gang exploiting illegal farm workers in southern California.Read More »

  • Mervyn LeRoy & Anthony Mann – Quo Vadis (1951)

    1951-1960Anthony MannDramaEpicMervyn LeRoyUSA

    America’s mid-20th century love affair with the Biblical epic began with Mervyn LeRoy’s Quo Vadis (1951). And a new Blu-ray by Warner Home Video goes a long way to proving why that’s the case. The saturated colors and epic setpieces that dominate the film’s mise-en-scène are reason enough to sit back and enjoy the spectacle. But Peter Ustinov’s scenery-chewing performance as the last Roman Caesar, Nero, is another great justification. This film was the template for future movies of its ilk, and should be seen for that if for no other reason. Like The Robe (1953), or Ben-Hur (1959), Quo Vadis is based on a historical novel that examines the nascent religion of Christianity through the eyes of an outsider. Here it is loyal Roman commander Marcus Vinicius (Robert Taylor), who falls in love with a Christian slave, the beautiful Lygia (Deborah Kerr), while struggling to remain loyal to the increasingly mad Emperor Nero. Lygia’s entreaties for Vinicius to join her in following Christ’s teachings are initially dismissed.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – The Last Frontier (1955)

    USA1951-1960Anthony MannRomanceWestern

    A trapper and his two partners work as scouts for a remote army fort where they witness an incompetent colonel’s decision to throw his small unprepared garrison against Red Cloud’s sizable Sioux force.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Strange Impersonation (1946)

    Anthony Mann1941-1950DramaFilm NoirUSA

    A research scientist conducting experiments on a new anaesthetic finds herself being blackmailed by a women she accidentally knocked down with her car; the woman wasn’t hurt, but a scheming attorney has convinced her she can get a lot of money for the “accident.” Meanwhile, the scientist’s research assistant, who is in love with her boss’ boyfriend, arranges for an explosion in the laboratory that disfigures the scientist’s face, in order to take the boyfriend away from her. The scientist has plastic surgery to make her look like the woman who tried to blackmail her – who while struggling with the scientist fell out of a window and was killed – and determines to get back her boyfriend and punish her scheming assistant.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Strategic Air Command (1955)

    Anthony Mann1951-1960ActionDramaUSA

    An ex-pilot and current baseballer is recalled into the U.S. Air Force and assumes an increasingly important role in Cold War deterrence.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Devil’s Doorway (1950)

    1941-1950Anthony MannUSAWestern

    Devil’s Doorway (1950)

    After the Civil War, a highly decorated Shoshone Indian veteran plans to raise cattle in Wyoming but white farmers plan to grab fertile tribal lands by pitting the whites against the Indians.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Thunder Bay (1953)

    1951-1960AdventureAnthony MannDramaUSA

    Quote:In 1946, ex-Navy engineer Steve Martin comes to a Louisiana town with a dream: to build a safe platform for offshore oil drilling. Having finessed financing from a big oil company, formerly penniless Steve and his partner Johnny are in business…and getting interested in shrimp-boat captain Rigaud’s two lovely daughters. But opposition from the fishing community grows fast, led by Stella Rigaud.Read More »

  • Anthony Mann – Cimarron (1960)

    1951-1960Anthony MannRomanceUSAWestern

    Paul Tatara, TCM wrote:
    Some movie projects, no matter how promising, seem doomed to one form of failure or another. When RKO first filmed Edna Ferber’s popular Western novel, Cimarron, in 1931, it was a major critical success, and even snagged the Oscar® for Best Picture. But it was an expensive movie to make, and the studio lost a pile of money on it. Then, when MGM enlisted Anthony Mann to remake Cimarron in 1960, the production was beset with an assortment of problems, including studio interference and a misbegotten romance between its lead performers, Glenn Ford and Maria Schell.Read More »

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