Anthony Spinelli

  • Anthony Spinelli – Aunt Peg (1980)

    Anthony Spinelli1971-1980EroticaUSA
    Aunt Peg (1980)
    Aunt Peg (1980)

    A Hollywood adult film producer tries to get by financially while having numerous sexual encounters to satisfy her insatiable lust for sex.Read More »

  • Anthony Spinelli – Touch Me (1971)

    1971-1980Anthony SpinelliEroticaExploitationUSA

    A group of young couples and other singles arrive at an experimental ‘encounter group’ to try and solve their sexual hangups. Anything goes and everyone tries something new. Fun fact: Academy Award winning editor Michael Kahn’s third thing he ever edited! Various young people have assembled to discuss and try to resolve their sexual issues. The setting is the private home of a doctor who administers the therapies. There’s the guy who is insecure about his penis size. There’s another guy who harbors rape fantasies. There’s a bickering couple and a wife who is rather frigid and of course, the prerequisite lesbian who feels compelled to get “cured” but ends up adding a few numbers of straight women to her black book. The sex here is more clinical-both cinematically and in a literal sense as everyone learns to shed their inhibitions and express and enact their wildest fantasies.Read More »

  • Anthony Spinelli – Suckula (1973)

    Anthony Spinelli1971-1980ComedyEroticaUSA

    This movie is part of Alpha Blue Archive’s Satanic Sickies series.

    (description from ABA):
    Wacky early 70’s account of Count Dracula loose in Hollywood.Read More »

  • Anthony Spinelli – It’s Called Murder, Baby (1983)

    Anthony Spinelli1981-1990EroticaFilm NoirUSA

    This is the R-rated version of the hardcore sex film Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star. It’s of somewhat historical significance as being one of the few porno films to feature a name Hollywood actor: Cameron Mitchell. Mitchell doesn’t have any sex scenes (thankfully), but he plays a gangster boss (much like his role in My Favorite Year) in this 1940s-set period film. Star John Leslie (who does have sex scenes) plays a detective who is hired by a former movie star to find some “indiscreet” photographs of her.Read More »

  • Anthony Spinelli – Expectations (1977)

    Anthony Spinelli1971-1980EroticaUSA

    Wealthy socialite Margo yearns for a change in her life in the wake of a divorce. Bored and unhappy, Margo decides to swap lives with free-spirited swinger Montana. However, things ultimately don’t go as planned after Montana becomes involved with Margo’s creepy brother Vincent.Read More »

  • Anthony Spinelli – Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star (1983)

    1981-1990Anthony SpinelliEroticaFilm NoirUSA

    Private investigator Nick Popodopolis (John Leslie) has a problem: there’s a corpse of a beautiful woman (Juliet Anderson) on the floor of his office. As he explains his case to an alcoholic lieutenant (Cameron Mitchell), a strange story of blackmail, mystery and murder unfolds, all centered on an enigmatic movie star, Dixie Ray (Lisa De Leeuw).

    Anthony Spinelli’s big budget WWII era set noir ranks as one of the last truly ambitious X rated movies ever made.Read More »

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