Antoine d’Agata

  • Antoine d’Agata – La vie nue AKA The Bare Life (2020)

    The short film “La vie nue” (The Bare Life) is based on Virus, a series of pictures taken by Antoine d’Agata in the streets and the hospitals during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.Read More »

  • Antoine d’Agata – White Noise (2019)

    The acclaimed work of photographer Antoine d’Agata has mostly been a journey into the heart of darkness, dealing with random and nightly encounters, sex and prostitution. So it’s no surprise that the monumental White Noise leads again to the underworld of sex workers, from Cambodia to Norway, from Ukraine to USA. Built around more than 20 monologues, this films delivers trance-like visions of women in rapture induced by sex or narcotics.Read More »

  • Antoine d’Agata – Aka Ana (2008)

    Renowned French photographer and Nan Goldin disciple Antoine D’Agata offers this visual essay of Tokyo prostitution circuits that isn’t for the easily offended. By exploring the prostitutes’ filthy working rooms and capturing the sex workers as they service clients, shoot heroin, and masturbate with their own blood, D’Agata effectively shatters the standard perception of the porn industry. ~ Jason Buchanan, RoviRead More »

  • Antoine d’Agata – Atlas (2013)

    A man with no emotional ties, a survivor of a long journey, collects giddy images, scattered fragments of a splintered identity like the regions he crosses through. He wears himself out with the strangeness of signs, places, and unfathomable languages. There is no god or indulgence in his nights, but the acceptance that there is only flesh.
    Read More »

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