Antoinette Beumer

  • Antoinette Beumer – De gelukkige huisvrouw AKA The Happy Housewife (2010)

    2001-2010Antoinette BeumerDramaNetherlandsRomance

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    CIFF 2010: The Happy Housewife (De gelukkige huisvrouw, 2010)

    Director: Antoinette Beumer

    2010 Chicago International Film Festival

    By Marilyn Ferdinand

    “I hate actors,” the cinephile said to me after a screening of a personal essay film that had no actors in it at all. I vaguely understood what he was saying, that actors are tricksters whose presence can take away from the sincerity of a film. As someone who treasures the films of Robert Bresson, the Neorealists, the Nouvelle Vague directors, as well as a slew of more contemporary films that use nonprofessionals, I find the unstudied spontaneity of the performances helps me appreciate the film as a whole rather than focusing on the accomplishments of a single performer.Read More »

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