António-Pedro Vasconcelos

  • António-Pedro Vasconcelos – Os Imortais AKA The Imortals (2003)

    2001-2010António-Pedro VasconcelosDramaPortugalThriller

    Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos’ Os Imortais (The Immortals) ironically opens with a funeral. The last of the immortals is present among the crowd, the others having died or disappeared over the years. The man being buried, however, is the policeman who found out about the criminal secrets of the immortals. This is an intriguing start for a mediocre film, in which this tongue-in-cheek sort of cleverness is reserved for the opening scene only. The “immortals” are a group of Portuguese war veterans who earned their title in the colonial wars in Africa in the early 1970s. When Portuguese East Africa became Mozambique, they returned to their fatherland only to feel left out and misunderstood. Read More »

  • António-Pedro Vasconcelos – Os Gatos não Têm Vertigens (2014)

    2011-2020António-Pedro VasconcelosComedyDramaPortugal

    An 18 year old boy with a complicated life starts a criminal career but ends up on a rooftop of Lisbon. On the apartment below lives a recently widowed, lonely old lady. Against all odds and her family’s will, they become each others best company.Read More »

  • António-Pedro Vasconcelos – Jaime (1999)

    1991-2000António-Pedro VasconcelosDramaPortugal

    Veteran director Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos spins this gritty, unsentimental tale about underage street kids in Portugal. The film opens with a teenaged worker at a bakery getting dumped off at a hospital after losing his finger. The boss instructs the youth’s father to tell the doctors that he lost his digit playing with a knife, but fearing an investigation, the boss subsequently dumps his other underage workers, including 13-year old Jaime (Saul Fonseca). Jaime is struggling to mend his tattered family.Read More »

  • António-Pedro Vasconcelos – Call Girl (2007)

    2001-2010António-Pedro VasconcelosCrimeDramaPortugal

    Maria (Soraia Chaves) a sensual call girl, is hired by Mouros (Joaquim de Almeida) to seduce Meireles (Nicolau Breyner), the Mayor of Vilanova, so that he can authorize a multinational to build a high quality resort. However, Madeira (Ivo Canelas) and Neves (Jose Raposo), PJ police detectives, discover the evidence of corruption and begin to investigate Meireles. Everything becomes even more complex when Madeira finds out that Maria, the passion of his life, is the bait that will force the politician to give way.Read More »

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