Antouanetta Angelidi

  • Antouanetta Angelidi – Kleftis i I pragmatikotita AKA Thief of Reality (2001)

    «Reality steals your dreams, and you steal it in order to dream. Reality steals your life, and you steal it in order to live.» A darkly optimistic film. Three versions of a single day. Three characters trapped in parallel universes. The invasion of the Thief will unite them. Each point of view produces a different story. The Sculptress has visions of Judgment Day, the Scientist holds fast to a fragmented memory, the Actor sees «Antigone» invading all space. Three philosophical viewpoints: Fate – Chance – Free Will. What do they have in common? The Thief progresses towards an answer. It is the human condition that unites us, imprisons us and frees us. The brotherhood of mortality. Whatever I spent, I had. Whatever I saved, I lost. Whatever I gave, I have.Read More »

  • Antouanetta Angelidi – Oi ores: Mia tetragoni tainia AKA The Hours: A Square Film (1996)


    The painful passage from being imprisoned in the extortionate dilemmas of familial and sexual relationships to accepting a personal point of view. A narrative constructed on the associative structure of memory and dreams.Read More »

  • Antouanetta Angelidi – Topos (1985)

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    “A parable on space and time. A game of transformations. The course taken after a death, a second death. A woman gives birth and dies. At the moment of her death – a borderline moment, like the onset of sleep—her face scatters and takes on the aspects of those who are attending her death. A catabasis begins; images of deep memory come to the surface; and the body is fragmented by the clashes between those that inhabit it. It becomes a disturbed field. Her voice –the sole voice—is analysed into many voices and many roles. Mourning ends when the cycle of the catabasis ends and the body is free of the forms that lived inside it. The universe remains empty.” —Thessaloniki International Film FestivalRead More »

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