• Adolfo Aristarain – Últimos Días de la Víctima AKA Last Days of the Victim (1982)

    Adolfo Aristarain1981-1990ArgentinaCrimeMystery
    Últimos Días de la Víctima (1982)
    Últimos Días de la Víctima (1982)

    Mendizábal, a professional of the crime, methodical and implacable, receives an order: must commit a murder. The victim is named Rodolfo Külpe, he is between thirty and thirty-five years old, he lives in the neighborhood of Belgrano and must be eliminated. That’s all. At least, everything that Mendizábal is informed about. That same night, hidden in the shadows, he waits for Külpe for several hours, until finally he sees him arrive. But it does not kill him.Read More »

  • Hernán Findling & Oliver Kolker – Fermín glorias del tango (2014)

    Hernán Findling2011-2020ArgentinaDramaOliver Kolker
    Fermín glorias del tango (2014)
    Fermín glorias del tango (2014)

    A patient expresses himself using the lyrics and titles of tango songs as a result of a post traumatic stress disorder discovered by a psychiatrist.Read More »

  • Delfina Castagnino – Lo que más quiero AKA What I Love the Most (2010)

    2001-2010ArgentinaArthouseDelfina CastagninoDrama

    Pilar lives in the south. She recently lost her father and is now on her own. María came to visit her, to keep her company and take a break from the boyfriend she’s on the point of leaving. Neither has the wherewithal to comfort the other. Neither knows what they want. They barely know what they don’t want. They don’t want to go back to their lives. They don’t want to think about the future. They don’t want to be alone. They don’t want their holiday to end. A timber yard about to close, a horse and a dog, a few men, a little alcohol and the cold waters of the southern lakes.Read More »

  • Lucas Demare – Los Isleros (1951)

    1951-1960ArgentinaDramaLucas Demare

    Leandro and the Carancha are inhabitants of the islands of the Parana Delta and agree a pair. They are rough persons done to the hard fight for the life in these places. They have a son who takes to the house a girl; the presence of her provokes the jealousies of the Carancha and his attitude leads dramatists moments.Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – Despabílate amor aka Wake Up Love (1996)

    1991-2000ArgentinaDramaEliseo SubielaRomance

    from imdb:
    Ernesto is a journalist in his 40’s who comes from a generation which encountered much political persecution and exile; between the memories and unhealed wounds of his past, stands Ernesto. When his good friend Ricardo calls him one day and proposes to get together after 25 years, they decide to gather all the members of the “old gang” in order to revive those old feelings the best way they know how, through some good old rock n’ roll. Amongst one of Ernesto’s encounters is Ana, an old love who will bring a twisting unexpected turn into his life. The old gang is comprised of Ricardo’s depressive, hypochondriac wife Ana and her socially-conscious former lover Ernesto, a journalist who left Ana years ago to pursue his political ideologies in post-revolutionary Cuba.Read More »

  • Laura Citarella – Trenque Lauquen (2022)

    Laura Citarella2021-2030ArgentinaDramaMystery

    With the strange disappearance of Laura, two colleagues, her older boyfriend, Rafael, and Ezequiel, learn of their recent discoveries, which may help them locate her. However, the story is bigger and stranger than they could imagine.Read More »

  • Raúl Perrone – Favula (2014)

    2011-2020ArgentinaArthouseExperimentalRaúl Perrone

    1 – the last day in the life of Pasolini but from the look of his aggressor a ragazzi – like any other his friends – his environment – his tragedy

    2 – a group of ragazzis working with their wooden carts in the city of Cordoba but the gaze is focus on them – playing in the river and with a mysterious woman Ragazzi is a symphony in two movementsRead More »

  • Lisandro Alonso – Fantasma (2006)

    2001-2010ArgentinaArthouseDramaLisandro Alonso

    A solitary man whose only pastime is to go to a movie theater, the Teatro San Martín, on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires, where he exorcises his ghosts.Read More »

  • Fabián Forte – Legions (2022)

    2021-2030ArgentinaFabián ForteFantasyHorror

    As demonic forces descend on Argentina, the world’s best hope is confined to an insane asylum, powerless to avert a dark resurrection. The once legendary warlock Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva) is haunted by the mistakes of his past, and is now reduced to rebelling against orderlies in an institution.

    When a malevolent demonic force reveals itself, Poyju must rally a ragtag ensemble of certifiable inmates to spring him from his confinement, so that he can reconcile with his estranged daughter Helena (Lorena Vega) and reunite their magical bloodline to stave off the evil. But the confines of modern life and an unnatural influence has stripped Helena of her belief and cheated the world of her magic. Will Poyju be able to remind his long-lost daughter of her cultural heritage and reignite the magic that has been smothered by corporate life?Read More »

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