Ari Folman

  • Ari Folman & Ori Sivan – Clara Hakedosha AKA Saint Clara (1996)

    1991-2000Ari FolmanDramaFantasyIsraelOri Sivan

    This sweet-natured if somewhat bizarre examination of teenage angst, Israeli-style, proves yet again what a dearth of original ideas seems to plague American cinema; watching this freewheeling, occasionally surreal, study of a young girl with Cassandra-like prophetic powers, is an example of wholly original filmmaking, for better or worse. If it is occasionally uneven in tone, it is just as bracingly refreshing in that you’ve probably never seen anything quite like it before.Read More »

  • Ari Folman – The Congress AKA Kenes Ha-Atidanim (2013)

    2011-2020AnimationAri FolmanIsraelSci-Fi


    Robin Wright plays an aging actress with a reputation for being fickle and unreliable, so much so that nobody is willing to offer her any roles anymore. She agrees to sell the movie rights to her digital image to Miramount Studios in exchange for a hefty sum and the promise to never act again. After her body is digitally scanned, the studio will be able to make movies starring her using only computer-generated characters.

    20 years later, her character attends the Futurological Congress, which showcases Miramount’s new technology that allows people to transform themselves into animated avatars. In this mutable illusory state, they can become anything they want to be, be it a perfectly seductive goddess or their favorite action hero. Miramount wants to sell her image to punters, allowing them to transform themselves into her.Read More »

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