Arthur J. Bressan Jr

  • Arthur J. Bressan Jr. – Pleasure Beach (1983)

    1981-1990Arthur J. Bressan JrCultEroticaQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Synopsis: An early 1980s precondom gay sex classic. The tag line was “Where More than the Surf Is Pounding”…and is it ever! Michael Christopher plays an openly gay lifeguard and Johnny Dawes plays a “straight” one who’s starting to question is sexuality. Christopher and Dawes were allegedly lovers when this film and Skin Deep, which I put on line a couple years ago, were made, and this seem to add something “extra” to their love scenes. Or maybe they were both just great actors or super horny, who knows? I found this one line a while back and not in great shape. I’ve improved the primitive sound some … but sound isn’t what you’re interested in, is it?Read More »

  • Arthur J. Bressan Jr. – Forbidden Letters (1979)

    1971-1980ArthouseArthur J. Bressan JrEroticaQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Synopsis: Erotic, explicit letters between a young man and his incarcerated lover recall happier (and hotter) times. The story of 2 lovers, one in jail (Richard Locke), the other, younger one (Robert Adams), still living in the San Francisco apartment they shared. A series of letters and remembrances to and of each other, but primarily from the point of view of the younger Robert who’s anxiously awaiting the release of Richard, and they’re reunion.Read More »

  • Arthur J. Bressan Jr. – Buddies (1985)

    1981-1990Arthur J. Bressan JrDramaQueer Cinema(s)USA

    David (David Schachter), a naive graduate student, has volunteered to work as a ‘buddy’ for people dying of AIDS. Assigned to the intensely political Robert (Geoff Edholm), a lifelong activist whose friends and family have abandoned him following his diagnosis, the two men, each with notably different world views, soon discover common bonds, as David’s inner activist awakens and Robert’s need for emotional release is fulfilled.Read More »

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