Arthur Ripley

  • Arthur Ripley – A Voice in the Wind (1944)

    1941-1950Arthur RipleyDramaUSA

    [Plot Summary]
    A concert pianist has lost his memory, the result of his being arrested and tortured by the Nazis during the war for playing a banned song. He journeys to the island of Guadelupe to try to regain his memory and his health.Read More »

  • Arthur Ripley – Thunder Road (1958)

    1951-1960Arthur RipleyCrimeCultUSA

    The preeminent moonshine movie, the 1958 Thunder Road stars Robert Mitchum as a backwoods bootlegger in Tennessee, getting squeezed by both the federal government and organized crime. Mitchum had a big hand in creating this cult favorite (which reportedly played in drive-ins around America for years), writing the script, producing the movie, and even composing and singing the movie’s theme song, which became a radio hit. Directed by longtime cinematographer Arthur Ripley, the film is strong on characters and action, the latter fulfilled by a memorable chase scene at the end. Mitchum was at an artistic peak at this point in his career, and this is really an indispensable movie for his fans.Read More »

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