Arunas Zebriunas

  • Arunas Zebriunas – Riesutu Duona AKA Walnut Bread (1977)

    1971-1980ArthouseArunas ZebriunasDramaLithuania

    Andrius and Liuka, offsprings of Šatai and Kaminskai families living in a countryside, falls in love with each other, however their love is disrupted by… a cow.

    This is a lyrical tragicomedy about memories of childhood, adolescence, and first love in a small provincial town, shown through complexity of human relations at this periodical film.Read More »

  • Arunas Zebriunas – Velnio nuotaka AKA The Devil’s Bride (1974)

    1971-1980Arunas ZebriunasDramaLithuaniaMusical

    “This is one of the most successful and unique Lithuanian films. By choosing the form of a musical or a rock opera the author remained in touch with the book, but at the same time created an original work of cinematography. Vivid and expressive although boldly modernised spectacle driven by catchy music composed by Ganelinas was made in a funny and relaxed manner. The Devil’s Bride is busting the myth about the grim nature of the Lithuanians. It strikes with cheerful dynamics and remains an exclusive example of Lithuanian cinematography.” Film critic Saulius MacaitisRead More »

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