Ashish Avikunthak

  • Ashish Avikunthak – Ashish Avikunthak Short Films (1995 – 2010)

    Ashish AvikunthakExperimentalIndiaShort Film

    1. Et cetera
    1997, 16mm, Color, 33 mins

    ‘Et cetera’ is a tetralogy of four separate films that seek to examine the various levels at which the reality of human existence functions. Shown at Dhaka Short film festival, 1999, and Cinema Nova Brussels, 2005.

    Avikunthak’s foray into filmmaking was directly an attempt at playing with time — all the four films in Et cetera, are directly an attempt at engaging with real time, the fact that they are single shot, single take, unedited films. For him, as a temporal experience they are most linear cinematic narrative, most pure. These films, rather than sculpting in time, were slicing time. However video art has been more successful as an engagement with real time, he says, “I look at my films as an attempt at invoking ‘kaal’ as a metaphysical entity, rather than ‘kaal’ as a temporal category; Et cetera and Kalighat Fetish being articulation of such an invocation.”Read More »

  • Ashish Avikunthak – Nirakar Chhaya AKA Shadows Formless (2007)

    2001-2010Ashish AvikunthakDramaIndia

    A film trapped between two monologues. A lonely and abandoned wife’s fantasy comes to life when the paramour she invokes springs forth and transforms her reality. Shadows Formless is an interpretation of the Malayalam novella Pandavpuram by the distinguished novelist Setumadhavan from Kerala.Read More »

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