Atsushi Shimizu

  • Atsushi Shimizu – Injû kyôshi V – jissha-ban aka Angel of Darkness V (1996)

    Quote: College life getting you down? Switch to Seika College where the students are getting a whole new lesson in sexual education! Michiru’s classes were dull and boring until her classmates, Chie, Saori and Takeru, started taking extra classes at a new night school. Utilizing subliminal messaging, the school helps their students ace their daytime college exams. Unfortunately, the school’s professor forgot to mention the process has a few sexual side effects…Read More »

  • Atsushi Shimizu – Injû kyôshi II aka Angel of Darkness 2 (1995)

    Quote: Sealed away for eons, the egg from an Injuu, a lusty demon tentacle, manages to escape its earthly confinement when an earthquake shatters its prison into tiny bits. Mad as hell (not to mention sexually frustrated after being incarcerated for all those years) it’s out to get revenge!Read More »

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