Attila Janisch

  • Attila Janisch – Másnap aka After the Day Before (2004)

    Attila Janisch2001-2010ArthouseCrimeHungary
    Másnap (2004)
    Másnap (2004)

    Imdb Plot Summary wrote:
    Somewhere, in a sparsely populated region, a girl is brutally murdered. The inhabitants are watching with suspicion each other and every stranger who comes here. They drive out anybody who strays even slightly from their unwritten rules. One such person is a 15-year-old girl, who seems to be hated by everyone in this place. Everyone has the idea that they will rid themselves of her, regardless of the costRead More »

  • Attila Janisch – Árnyék a havon AKA Shadow on the Snow (1992)

    1991-2000Attila JanischDramaHungary

    Story of a sin that looks like an accident in the beginning but in reality it’s an irrevocable and deadly act. Story of a relationship in which lies and love chains daughter to father, sinner to innocent. Story of a man whose fate suddenly starts to turn another way – and buries everything it finds beneath itself.

    “You never think about sin, but then you are standing in front of it and it touches you.” (Attila Janisch)Read More »

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