Augusto Genina

  • Augusto Genina – Prix de beauté AKA Miss Europe [Silent] (1930)

    Augusto Genina1921-1930ClassicsFranceSilent

    From IMDb:
    Lucienne, typist and gorgeous bathing beauty, decides to enter the ‘Miss Europe’ pageant sponsored by the French newspaper she works for. She finds her jealous lover Andre violently disapproves of such events and tries to withdraw, but it’s too late; she’s even then being named Miss France. The night Andre planned to propose to her, she’s being whisked off to the Miss Europe finals in Spain, where admirers swarm around her. Win or lose, what will the harvest be?Read More »

  • Augusto Genina – Frou-Frou (1955)

    1951-1960Augusto GeninaComedyItalyRomance

    Four prominent men take under their wing a young Parisian flower girl.
    With the help of her Pygmalions she becomes a famous cabaret singer. She falls in love with a charming gambler, Henri, who becomes her first lover. Abandoned by him, and after years spent in Russia with Prince Vladimir, Frou-Frou returns to France, where she has to rebuild her own life by singing in second-order theaters.
    She then meets and has a relationship with a painter, Michel, by whom she has a daughter. After Michel’s suicide she devotes herself to her.Read More »

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