Avery Crounse

  • Avery Crounse – Eyes of Fire (1983)

    Avery Crounse1981-1990FantasyUSAWestern
    Eyes of Fire (1983)
    Eyes of Fire (1983)

    A preacher is accused of adultery, and he and his followers are chased out of town. They become stranded in an isolated forest, which is haunted by the spirits of long dead Native Americans.Read More »

  • Avery Crounse – Cries of Silence AKA Sister Island (1996)

    Avery Crounse1991-2000DramaUSA

    After a hurricane wreaks havoc on Sister Island, Mississippi, rescue parties find a young girl on the shore. The girl is alive and soon opens her eyes, but she is non responsive. Dorrie takes her to her mother’s home and goes back to the island to look for family. Although there were only 30 people on the island, none of the survivors claim to know her. Weeks go by and while Camille begins to show signs of conscience she remains mute. Dorrie redoubles her efforts to find her family. She soon finds that she will battle the state, people she trusted and those who lived on Sister Island. It will be a long twisting road filled with heartbreak for both Camille and Dorrie.Read More »

  • Avery Crounse – Eyes of Fire (1983)

    1981-1990Avery CrounseFantasyUSAWestern

    This is a story of Protestant pioneers, a single family that travels into the wilderness following the prophetic misguidance of a single man whose desires outweigh his prudence. At the height of the witch terrors, this historical horror is more accurate than many another film, and does not overstretch its portrayals to suit audience expectation.Read More »

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