Babette Mangolte

  • Babette Mangolte & Marina Abramovic – Seven Easy Pieces (2007)

    Marina Abramovic2001-2010Babette MangolteExperimentalPerformanceUSA
    Seven Easy Pieces (2007)
    Seven Easy Pieces (2007)

    About the performing body and how it affects viscerally the people who confronts it, looks at it and participates in the transcendental experience that is its primary affect. The ceremonial and meditative are the common responses to the weeklong series of performances that took place in November 2005 in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. From an art event to a social phenomenon, the seven performances became the talk of the town because it created among the visitors a sense of sublimation like prayer. The film attempts to reveal the mechanisms of this transcendental experience by just showing the performer’s body living the events inscribed in each pieces with details that outline the body fragility, versatility, tenacity and unlimited endurance.
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  • Babette Mangolte – The Sky on Location (1983)

    1981-1990Babette MangolteDocumentaryUSA

    THE SKY ON LOCATION, 1982, 16mm 78 min. Color

    On location in the American West,
    Co-produced with Zweites Deutches Fernsehen, West Germany.

    “Is it possible to confront nature with a real purity of vision? The Sky on Location is a personal meditation on the landscape of the American west that tracks the ruling conception in nature in the 19th and 20th centuries from the pioneers through the instamatic tourists, at the same time that it obsessively follows the four seasons. The elemental vicissitudes of the weather, the exact moment of the day, the color of the light and the soil and the trees form an acute visual record of the constantly changing mood of the landscape. The film successfully attempts, with quiet, passionate, almost single-minded firmness, to confront us as nakedly as possible with our cultural inability to see nature whole, without preconceptions.” – Ernest LarsenRead More »

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