Banmei Takahashi

  • Banmei Takahashi – Doa AKA Door (1988)

    Banmei Takahashi1981-1990HorrorJapanMystery
    Doa (1988)
    Doa (1988)

    Tokyo housewife Yasuko Honda (Keiko Takahashi, the director’s wife) has a workaholic husband named Saturo (Shirô Shimomoto) who has been called away for out-of-town duty for a few days, so she is home alone with her elementary-school–age son Takuto (Takuto Yonezu). Already fed up with the frequent intrusions of door-to-door salesmen, because of whom she keeps her door locked and latched, she is highly frustrated when salesman Yamakawa (Daijirô Tsutsumi) slips his hand through her chained door to offer a brochure. She slams the door on his hand, instantly making an enemy of the man, who becomes bent on revenge.Read More »

  • Banmei Takahashi – Doa AKA Door (1988)

    1981-1990Banmei TakahashiHorrorJapanThriller

    A young housewife is not having a good day. Her husband is never home, the rent is late, her kid has caught the flu, and now – someone’s at her door. It’s a salesman, trying to pawn off some stupid thing or other. There’s no time to deal with it. Just tell him to go to hell, to peddle his goods someplace else. And then, when he doesn’t listen, she slams the door in his face. Or more accurately, on his hand. And this guy is pissed. The psycho salesman decides to teach her a lesson. He starts making phone threats. Soon the sick bastard has mustered enough guts to break into her apartment. He savagely torments mommy and child until the woman finally turns the tables… -Thomas Weisser, “Japanese Cinema: Essential Handbook”Read More »

  • Banmei Takahashi – Hibi (2005)

    2001-2010Banmei TakahashiDramaJapan

    Hibi tells about mother who does pottery and lives rather simple life, growing her children up. She does remarkable job in pottery, finding a new way to make natural pottery in her own tunnel kiln. Then, her son gets leukemia. And entire family has to fight hard to find a donor who has matching bone marrow. The movie is unique and beautiful story about life, but at the same time, very hard and realistic movie about leukemia. Little a bit eccentric character of Kiyoko, acted by Yuko Tanaka is fantastic as such characters haven’t yet seen in Japanese screen since eighties. Read More »

  • Banmei Takahashi – Ai no shinsekai AKA New Love in Tokyo (1994)

    Banmei Takahashi1991-2000DramaJapanRomance

    A look a the lives of two sex workers in Tokyo: Rei, who works as an S&M dominatrix, and Ayumi, in the more straightforward profession of call girl. In addition to their working life, the film also looks at their private lives. Rei is acting in an amateur theatre company (along with the receptionist from Ayumi’s escort service), while Ayumi is living with her student-boyfriend as he struggles to finally get accepted to college.Read More »

  • Banmei Takahashi – Ôkami: Running is Sex AKA Running Is Sex (1982)

    1981-1990Banmei TakahashiDramaEroticaJapan

    The film depicts a man and a girl with the sensibility and body of a wolf who threaten a city of people who live like sheep under control.Read More »

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