Barbro Boman

  • Barbro Boman – Det är aldrig för sent (1956)

    1951-1960Barbro BomanDramaSweden

    In the 1950s two films were directed by a woman [in Sweden, the other one being Mimi Pollaks Rätten att älska]. Barbro Boman had worked as a production assistant in the 1940s after which she wrote scripts herself and was also head of Svensk Filmindustri’s script department for a period. She directed two films, of which It’s Never Too Late (Det är aldrig för sent) (1956) was her first. It tells the story of a couple who are planning to divorce. The film is based on flashbacks that recount three generations of women: the main character Görel, her mother and grandmother, and their methods of solving their problems. As a new director, Boman was treated well and the reviewers wished her the best for the future.

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