Barry Mahon

  • Barry Mahon – The Beast That Killed Women (1965)

    A gorilla runs amok in a nudist camp. What more can I tell you? This is a really bad film, but full of naked breasts.Read More »

  • Barry Mahon – P.P.S. – Prostitutes Protective Society (1966)


    Streetwalkers tired of being harassed by thugs stand up for their rights in this drama from sexploitation titan Barry Mahon. Madame Sue is the leader of a group of prostitutes working in New York City in 1964. Business is good, and thanks to the influx of tourists coming to the Big Apple for conventions and the World’s Fair, there are plenty of customers while cops are too busy to harass working girls. But while the upswing in business doesn’t attract the law, it does attract the attention of Carney Bill, a small-time gangster who wants in on the prostitution racket. Carney Bill demands that Madame Sue and her girls pay his mob a ten-percent protection fee, and his gunmen kill a few of Sue’s hookers to show he means business. Fearful but not about to be pushed around, the working girls form a vigilante group to protect themselves and get revenge for their fallen comrades, with Bill meeting an especially grim fate. — Mark Deming (AMG)Read More »

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