Basu Chatterjee

  • Basu Chatterjee – Sara Akash AKA The Whole Sky (1969)

    1961-1970ArthouseBasu ChatterjeeDramaIndia


    from IMDb:
    Agra-based collegian Samar Thakur, lives in a joint family consisting of his dad, mom; brother Amar and his wife; as well as a married sister, Munni, who has been estranged from her husband. His parents force him to marry Prabha, who is a matriculate, much to his chagrin as this interferes with his future plans. The marriage does take place, and he soon finds that she is not only incompatible with him, but also not well versed in household chores – leading to arguments, abuse and neglect – that may result in the end of this marriage.Read More »

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