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  • Benjamin Stoloff – Happy Days (1929)

    Benjamin Stoloff1921-1930MusicalUSA
    Happy Days (1929)
    Happy Days (1929)

    Originally titled New Orleans Frolic, the story centers around Margie (played by Marjorie White), a singer on a showboat who goes to make her fortune in New York City, despite being in love with the boat owner’s grandson. Although successful in the city, when she hears that the showboat is in financial trouble she calls all the boat’s former stars to perform in a show to rescue it.Read More »

  • Benjamin Stoloff – The Lady and the Mob (1939)

    1931-1940Benjamin StoloffComedyCrimeUSA

    Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
    How could anyone dislike a film with the title Lady and the Mob? Sweet Fay Bainter stars as eccentric dowager Hattie Leonard, who takes it upon herself to smash a dry-cleaning racket. When the crooks and the cops laugh at her efforts, the resourceful Hattie sets about to organize her own mob, consisting of such soft-hearted yeggs as Warren Hymer and Joe Sawyer. With the help of her Runyonesque stooges-not to mention her grandson Jeff (Lee Bowman) and his sweetheart Lila (Ida Lupino)-Hattie manages to strike a blow for The American Way, bringing the villains to their knees. The supporting cast includes the ineffable Henry Armetta and versatile radio actor Tommy Mack, of “I’m not excited! WHO’S excited?” fame.Read More »

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