Bernard Knowles

  • Bernard Knowles – Park Plaza 605 (1953)

    1951-1960Bernard KnowlesCrimeDramaUSA

    Classic British mystery thriller starring Tom Conway as suave gumshoe, Norman
    Conquest. After intercepting a secret message, Conquest meets foreign femme fatale,
    Nadina Rodin (Eva Bartok), in room 605 of the Park Plaza hotel. When Conquest wakes up
    in the room the next morning he is lying next to a corpse and the mysterious Rodin is
    nowhere to be seen. Conquest is now the police’s number one murder suspect with
    Inspector Williams (Sid James) shadowing his every move. In order to clear his name,
    Conquest enlists the help of Pixie Everard (Joy Shelton), but things turn even uglier when
    he discovers that the murder is connected to a stash of stolen diamonds. As gun-toting,Read More »

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