Bill Forsyth

  • Bill Forsyth – Being Human (1994)

    Bill Forsyth1991-2000ComedyFantasyUnited Kingdom
    Being Human (1994)
    Being Human (1994)

    The film portrays the experience of a single human soul, portrayed by Williams, through various incarnations. Williams is the only common actor throughout the stories that span man’s history on Earth.[2]

    An attempt on director-screenwriter Bill Forsyth’s part to depict by visual means the ordinariness of life throughout the ages, Being Human is deliberately slow in its pace in order to emphasize how slow life often is. The structure is one of vignette-like character studies of one man (actually at least four distinct men, all with the same soul) who keeps making the same relationships and mistakes throughout his lifetimes.Read More »

  • Bill Forsyth – Local Hero (1983)

    1981-1990Bill ForsythComedyDramaUnited Kingdom

    Bill Forsyth put Scottish cinema on the map with this delightfully eccentric culture-clash comedy. Riffing on popular representations of Scottish life and folklore, Local Hero follows the Texas oil executive Mac (Peter Riegert), who is dispatched by his crackpot boss (Burt Lancaster) to a remote seaside village in Scotland with orders to buy out the town and develop the region for an oil refinery. But as business mixes with pleasure, Mac finds himself enchanted by both the picturesque community and its oddball denizens—and Texas starts to feel awfully far away.Read More »

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