Bill Morrison

  • Bill Morrison – Decasia (2002)

    Bill Morrison2001-2010ExperimentalUSA

    A meditation on the human quest to transcend physicality, constructed from decaying archival footage of old silent films shown at eight frames per second to enable the viewer to grasp the effect of the decay on each frame. The film is set to an original symphonic score by minimalist composer Michael Gordon, featuring detuned pianos and the instruments of the orchestra playing out of phase with each other, mirroring the decomposition of the film stock.Read More »

  • Bill Morrison – Re: Awakenings (2013)

    2011-2020Bill MorrisonShort FilmUSA


    Original Super8 footage shot by Dr. Oliver Sacks of his patients at Beth Abraham Hospital, Bronx, NY, who were administered the drug L-Dopa in the summer of 1969, and “awakened” after decades of inactivity.Read More »

  • Bill Morrison & David Harrington – Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 (2014)

    2011-2020Bill MorrisonBill Morrison and David HarringtonDocumentaryExperimentalUSA


    Intro from CPH : DOX homepage
    The 100 year old film images sparkle and crackle with an expressive fury, which almost looks like a reaction to what they depict. This year, it is 100 year since the First World War – the first ‘modern’ war, and the first to be documented in moving images – forever destroyed any notion of the (Western) world’s continued progress under the banner of reason and industrialisation. 1914 was the modern era’s absolute year zero. A landmark year, which is here marked in a cinematic collaboration between the renowned American filmmaker Bill Morrison and the string quartet Kronos Quartet, who have recorded the original score by the Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov. Read More »

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