Bingham Bryant

  • Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan – For the Plasma (2014)

    2011-2020ArthouseBingham BryantKyle MolzanSci-FiUSA

    In a remote house in Maine, two friends predict shifts in global financial markets by viewing footage of the forest.
    A digital-pastoral drama of friendship, landscape and technology, “For the Plasma” begins as the story of two young women (Anabelle LeMieux and Rosalie Lowe) employed as forest-fire lookouts in Northern Maine, and ends in a hundred places at once. Along the way, the girls make financial predictions based on surveillance footage of the surrounding forest, the local lighthouse keeper and a pair of unusual investors interrupt their solitude, and a dreamlike portrait of small town America and contemporary life is revealed. “For the Plasma” is a film of minimal means but ambition, shot in Super 16mm and 4:3 with a small cast and crew, and scored by the great Japanese experimental composer, Keiichi Suzuki. great Japanese experimental composer, Keiichi Suzuki.Read More »

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