Bob Chinn

  • Bob Chinn – Baby Cakes (1983)

    1981-1990Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    Now you can have your cake and eat it, too! Vivacious Rhonda Jo Petty joins two of her gorgeous and oversexed girlfriends on a fun-filled and very erotic bicycle trip. But it’s more than just a vacation. It’s a pleasure hunt that takes their bodies into orgy after orgy as they travel. From the mountains to the sea, every curve leads to another intensely satisfying sexual encounter, as they give their magnificent bodies over and over again to a pleasantly surprised audience of eager studs and wildly passionate girls. This is one trip you’ll enjoy over and over again…if those bicycle seats could only talk!Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Lipps & McCain (1978)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSAWestern

    A rancher hires two ne’er-do-well cowboys to hunt coyotes. When the pair is joined by a runaway bride, they find themselves under pursuit by an assortment of bad guys.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Goddess of Love (1986)

    1981-1990Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    Athena becomes bored with life in the heavenly realm and decides to have a little fun playing tricks on a mortal couple. When she accidentally breaks the couple up, she enlists the aid of another immortal in setting things right again.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Sadie (1980)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    1971. Brassy and beautiful prostitute Sade (a delightfully sassy and sultry performance by luscious blonde Chris Cassidy) lives on an island during the Vietnam War. Sadie’s life gets turned topsy turvy with the arrival of devout Christian Senator Daniels (a perfectly uptight and robust portrayal by Joseph Darling), who makes it his mission in life to save Sadie’s wicked soul.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Hot Legs (1979)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    Former Playboy model Gail Palmer granted her “real world credibility” to the adult industry by producing and on occasion allegedly directing (as in the case of the CANDY movies with Carol Connors) several high profile, big budget porn epics as the swinging ’70s gave way to the egotistical ’80s. Many of these were made – regardless of what the credits sometimes claimed – by veteran filmmaker Bob Chinn, who had put the formidable John C. Holmes through his paces in the long-running JOHNNY WADD series, showing the ropes to an up ‘n’ coming acolyte named Jeffrey Fairbanks. The latter would of course go on to helm his own line of instant classics away from his mentors including American PIE, EXPOSED and the vastly underrated WILD DALLAS HONEY. Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Love Slaves (1976)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    Evil scientist Dr. Paul Severin (well played to the sinister hilt by Alain Patrick) runs a crime ring in which women are kidnapped so they can be drugged and hypnotized into becoming both lethal assassins and obedient sex slaves. It’s up to determined detective Steve Blake (a fine and likeable performance by the always reliable John Leslie) to take Severin’s operation down.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – The History of Pornography (1970)

    1961-1970Bob ChinnDocumentaryEroticaUSA

    Perhaps the boldest of the early sex documentaries, The History of Pornography is a comprehensive view of graphic depictions of sex in art and literature from ancient times onward.

    That most of the film’s running time is dedicated to hardcore film loops provides our first clue that The History Of Pornography was not intended for collegiate-level classes in art appreciation.

    Eastern erotic art soon gives way to 1960s Danish porn magazines, leading up to the history of hardcore sex in cinema. Tantalizing excerpts from the rare Argentinean stag reel El Satario (The Satyr, ca. 1907-1912) and the infamous fifties’ loop The Nun’s Story logically spill into split beaver loops (easy Bucky!) and explicit threesomes with horny, tattooed revelers.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Let’s Get Physical (1985)

    1981-1990Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    Once promising ballerina Maria Schmidt (a sturdy and moving portrayal by the stunning Hyapatia Lee) runs a prestigious dance school with her crippled and impotent husband Carl (a fine performance by Paul Thomas). Since Carl isn’t capable of satisfying Maria’s sexual needs, Maria has no choice but to seek carnal fulfillment from her students.Read More »

  • Bob Chinn – Disco Lady (1978)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSA

    It is Friday night at the hottest disco in town. But as the evening’s guests arrive, a series of sensual deceptions, twists, and surprises unfold, leading up to a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

    Starring: Robin Savage, Ric Lutze, Rhonda Jo Petty, Alan Colberg, Tiffany Ladd, Stormy Simons, Ming Jade, Angel Ducharme, Mike Ranger & Rene Bond.Read More »

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