Bohdan Kosinski

  • Bohdan Kosinski – Narodziny Solidarnosci AKA The Birth of Solidarity (1981)

    A film showing the social mood and tensions in the period between the end of the strikes in August 1980 and the registration of the Solidarity Trade Union in November 1980.

    The film won awards, among others:
    1981 – Kraków (Kraków Film Festival – Polish Competition; until 2000 National Short Film Festival) – “Bronze Lajkonik” Award in the documentary film category for Bohdan KosińskiRead More »

  • Bohdan Kosinski – Jak wiele dróg (1979)

    It is 1969. Wiesiek has long hair, pants with patches, colored shirt and necklace beads. It is important for him to demonstrate rebellion.
    10 years later. Wiesiek lives in the Bieszczady Mountains and gathers around them people who, like him, are looking for their place on earth. They work together, eat together and build a house together. Creating a community with others has now become the most important for life in Wieśka. Now it is his way.Read More »

  • Bohdan Kosinski – Lubelska Starówka AKA Lublin’s Old Town (1956)


    About this movie:
    One of the most interesting films in the black series, describing reality in strongly, ironic and sarcastic manner. The aim is not only to intervene, but to expose the method of falsyfying reality. The camera looks into the corners of Renaissance Lublin’s Old Town, renovated for the 10th anniversary of the People’s Republic of Poland: piles of rubbish, dogs wandering around the dirty children treating such places as their playground.Read More »

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