Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Kaori Oda – Aragane (2015)

    2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaDocumentaryExperimentalJapanese Female DirectorsKaori Oda

    Made while director Kaori Oda was studying at Béla Tarr’s Film.Factory in Sarajevo, Aragane is, on the surface, a documentary about a Bosnian coalmine. As Oda takes us underground, the surroundings are illuminated solely by the available light of the miners’ headlamps, creating a state of sensual semi-blindness that both attunes us to the dangers of the mine and — with the beams cutting arcs of light through the blackness and casting shadows on the cavern walls — becomes an organic metaphor for the roots of cinema itself. It is not surprising that commentators have drawn similarities between Oda’s work and that of Harvard’s renowned Sensory Ethnography Lab: as in such films as Leviathan and Manakamana, in Aragane Oda attempts to understand her subjects through an embodied presence that moves beyond distanced knowledge and towards intimate entanglement.Read More »

  • Nejra Hulusic – Cafir AKA The Infidel (2019)

    2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaDocumentaryNejra Hulusic

    The Infidel is a feature documentary about a young Bosnian man, Dino, whose father becomes a radical Islamist and takes his family away from their secular town, to Maoča. Dino, albeit unintentionally, gets involved in a terrorist attack and spends time in jail. He renounces Islam and decides to go back in Bihać, his hometown, cut the ties with his radical family and build a new life from scratch. This is where we follow his lonely daily routine and learn his disturbing story as he tries to find peace, struggling between accepting his family or renouncing them for who they are.Read More »

  • Ena Sendijarevic – Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019)

    2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaDramaEna Sendijarevic

    Born and raised in the Netherlands, Alma (Sara Luna Zoric) is on the verge of adulthood when she leaves her mother’s home to visit Bosnia, in search of the father she has never met. There, Alma will team up with her apathetic and “patriotic” cousin Emir (Ernad Prnjavorac) and his charming best friend, Denis (Lazar Dragojevic). As Alma attempts to adapt abruptly to a reality she’s not accustomed to, she embarks on an adventurous journey from Sarajevo to Mostar. During this road trip of self-exploration into the Bosnian heartlands, Alma will try to both understand and unearth her roots and her own identity.Read More »

  • Igor Drljaca – Tabija AKA The White Fortress (2021)

    Igor Drljaca2021-2030Bosnia HerzegovinaDrama

    When a chance encounter brings together two teens from opposite sides of life in post-war Sarajevo, a blossoming romance conceals their desperate and disturbing motives.Read More »

  • Gaetano Liberti – J the film (2018)

    2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaExperimentalGaetano Liberti

    J tells the story of a man who lives an isolated life before encountering a woman that will open up, for a while, his controlled world.Read More »

  • Jasmila Zbanic – Quo vadis, Aida? AKA Where Are You Going, Aida? (2020)

    Jasmila Zbanic2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaDramaWar

    Aida is a translator for the UN in the small town of Srebrenica. When the Serbian army takes over the town, her family is among the thousands of citizens looking for shelter in the UN camp.Read More »

  • Benjamin Filipovic – Dobro ustimani mrtvaci AKA Well-Tempered Corpses (2005)

    Benjamin Filipovic2001-2010Bosnia HerzegovinaComedyDrama

    Two cynical workers in a hospital morgue (Boro Stjepanovic, Zan Marolt) make bets on how many bodies will turn up by a certain time. When three corpses are suddenly wheeled in after a horrific accident involving a plane, a car and a suicide jumper, joining a forth cadaver who suddenly dropped dead in a government lobby, one coroner appears to have won the bet. But death holds many surprises.Read More »

  • Vesna Ljubic – Ecce Homo (1994)

    1991-2000Bosnia HerzegovinaDramaVesna LjubicWar

    In the past few years, dozens of documentaries have been made on the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Many video registrations had the dramatic siege of Sarajevo as their main subject. ECCE HOMO distinguishes itself by its personal interpretation of the blockade of Bosnia’s capital. This film has no voice-over commentating on the horrors, only images, larded now and then with fragments of religious and other music, and the hoarse croaking of crows. ECCE HOMO is not a political film, but a personal reflection on death. Time and again, she leads us to new funerals on improvised graveyards and shows images of the devastations: a burning tram, flats destroyed by fire, and the arrival of bodies at a morgue. The film reaches an emotional climax when the camera halts at a tombstone with a photo of Danica Ljubic. Who was this woman? The sister of the director? Vesna Ljubic: “The film is not sad, on the contrary; death is our only joy. And our hope.”Read More »

  • Thanasis Neofotistos – Route-3 (2019)

    2011-2020Bosnia HerzegovinaDramaShort FilmThanasis Neofotistos

    In a sweaty, overcrowded tram in Sarajevo, a shy teenager is beset by every imaginable impediment as he tries to capture the attention of his object of desire.Read More »

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