Andrea Tonacci – Bang Bang (1971)

The actor of a film being made lives without distinction his own personal reality and his character’s fiction. As the involuntary object of chance and circumstance, he looks for a meaning and way out, while being pursued by outlaws, a magician, a romantic fantasy, a drunk and his own self-image. The humour, the reason of the persecution, situations, personages, set decoration, dialogs and soundtrack (which uses themes from other films) lead us to symbols, metaphors and the refusal of a possible logical narrative, in a way to allow the viewer to experiment a sensation analogous to the one of the main character, inducing in him the need of thinking a meaning while lost and led by the sustained expectation, and by the intentionally recurrent anti-climax. Read More »

Rogério Sganzerla – O Bandido da Luz Vermelha AKA The Red Light Bandit (1968)

The story a famous Brazilian criminal, called The Red Light Bandit because he always used a red flashlight to break in the houses during the night. Working alone, he also used to rape his female victims. Read More »

Thiago M. Abrahão – Sete Dias AKA Seven Days (2021)

For seven days, at exactly 1 pm, someone watches the mountain ahead.

This is the first of Time Series, which according the dirtector, “portray, through photography in movement and the spectator’s solitude, the passage of time, apparently slow, but which reveals fast when we open our eyes and look back every year, month, day, hour, minute and second.” Read More »

Maya Da-Rin – A Febre AKA The Fever (2019)

The Brazilian filmmaker Maya Da-Rin has garnered attention for her documentaries Terras (2009) and Margem (2007), both shot in the Amazon region. Now, she is back with her fiction debut, an enigmatic film capable to explore the mystery of the Amazon forrest to create a dream-like atmosphere that impregnates the viewer like a burning fever. In it, Justino (Regis Myrupu), a middle-aged member of the indigenous Desana people in Brazil, begins to come down with a vague illness while working as a security guard at a shipyard in Manaus. His daughter Vanessa (Rosa Peixoto) is preparing to leave her father to study medicine in Brasilia. The two are caught between their family’s past in the Amazon and their present in an urbanizing Amazon. Read More »

Jessica Sarah Rinland – Sol de Campinas (2021)

Archaeologists have been excavating a ring of mounds surrounding a central plaza within a territory currently known as the State of Acre, Brazil. They transition from field to laboratory, interpreting how the land was constructed, what patterns were employed in settlement land use, and the composition of the anthropogenic earth that remains. Read More »

Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn – Muito Romântico (2016)

The adventure of Melissa and Gustavo starts aboard a red cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It takes them to Berlin, a city of constant movement, where the old has to give space to the new. The couple finds a home and transforms it into the center of their own universe. As time passes and seasons change, life and cinema become one and their room becomes an ever-changing stage, where friends are invited to play their own roles. In this state of transition Melissa and Gustavo lose sight of their path and their world starts to tremble. Until one day a cosmic portal appears in their home opening connections between the past, the present and the future, confronting the two travelers with extraordinary discoveries. MUITO ROMÂNTICO is a stream that carries along hearts and minds. A playful rearrangement of experiences, memories and fantasies into a journey transcending space and time. Read More »

Cristiane Oliveira – A Primeira Morte de Joana (2021)

Joana, 13, wants to find out why her great-aunt died at 70 without ever having dated anyone. As she confronts the values of her community in Southern Brazil, Joana realizes that all the women in her family have a secret, while something hidden inside her also reveals Read More »