Bregtje van der Haak

  • Bregtje van der Haak – Lagos / Koolhaas (2002)

    2001-2010ArchitectureBregtje van der HaakDocumentaryNetherlands

    Rem Koolhaas – winner of architecture’s Nobel, the Pritzker Architecture Prize – is a Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Harvard. For the past four years Koolhaas and students from The Harvard Project on the City have come to Lagos regularly to research the type of urban environment that is produced by explosive population growth. The Project on the City is framed by two concepts: academia’s bewilderment with new forms of accelerated urbanization in developing regions and the maelstrom of redevelopment in existing urban areas; and, second, the failure of the design professions to adequately cope with these changes.Read More »

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