Brian Eno

  • Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon (1984)

    1981-1990Brian EnoExperimentalUSAVideo Art

    “I see TV as a picture medium rather than a narrative medium. Video for me is a way of configuring light, just as painting is a way of configuring paint. What you see is simply light patterned in various ways. For an artist, video is the best light organ that anyone has invented.”

    “I started working with video in the late 70’s … as a way of making paintings. Rather than dramas or stories or all the things that are usually connected with video, because of its background and its connections with theatre and film. I wanted to connect video with pictures and with picture-making, and began by making pieces that were very long, slow, slowly changing examinations of, for instance, a landscape – or in my case the skyscape of Manhattan, where I was living at the time.”Read More »

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