Brigitte Sy

  • Brigitte Sy – L’astragale (2015)

    2011-2020Brigitte SyDramaFrance

    true tale of Bonnie & Clyde, but one that’s much more about Bonnie than her beau, L’Astragale was an immense critical and public success when it was first published in France back in 1965. Written by the young, Algeria-born Albertine Sarrazin – whose autobiographical account of her life as a stick-up girl, prostitute, prisoner and bisexual lover, made her the distaff equivalent of Jean Genet – the novel was first brought to the screen in 1968 by director Guy Casaril, with actress Marlene Jobert (We Won’t Grow Old Together) making a splash in the lead role. (Horst Buchholz, aka Chico from The Magnificent Seven, played her partner-in-crime.)Read More »

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