Bruce Beresford

  • Bruce Beresford – ‘Breaker’ Morant AKA Breaker Morant (1980)

    1971-1980AustraliaBruce BeresfordDramaWar

    At the turn of the twentieth century, three Australian army lieutenants are court-martialed for alleged war crimes committed while fighting in South Africa. With no time to prepare, an Australian major, appointed as defense attorney, must prove that they were just following orders and are being made into political pawns by the British imperial command. Director Bruce Beresford garnered international acclaim for this riveting drama set during a dark period in his country’s colonial history, and featuring passionate performances by Edward Woodward, Bryan Brown, and Jack Thompson; rugged cinematography by Donald McAlpine; and an Oscar-nominated script, based on true events.Read More »

  • Bruce Beresford – Mister Johnson (1990)

    1981-1990Bruce BeresfordDramaUSA

    A decade after he broke through with Breaker Morant, Australian director Bruce Beresford made another acclaimed film about the effects of colonialism on the individual. In a performance that earned him the Berlin Film Festival’s Silver Bear for best actor, Maynard Eziashi plays the title character, a Nigerian villager eager to work as a civil servant for the British authorities, including a sympathetic district officer (Pierce Brosnan), in the hope that it will benefit him in the future. Instead, his ambition leads to his tragic downfall. Mister Johnson, based on the 1939 novel by Joyce Cary, is a graceful, heartfelt drama about the limits of idealism, affectingly acted and handsomely shot.Read More »

  • Bruce Beresford – Money Movers (1978)

    1971-1980AustraliaBruce BeresfordCrimeDrama

    On the day that one of his armoured cars is robbed, Lionel Darcy (Frank Wilson) receives an anonymous tip off that his multi-million dollar counting house will soon be hit. A corrupt detective (Alan Cassell) passes this information to crime boss Jack Henderson (Charles Tingwell), who sees a business opportunity. He takes control of the robbery plot from a senior Darcys employee, Eric Jackson (Terence Donovan), but a tough ex-cop (Ed Devereaux) makes sure the raid does not go according to plan.Read More »

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