Bruno Corbucci

  • Bruno Corbucci – Hamama Giden Terler AKA Trouble in Istamboel [TV Version] (1974)

    Italian singer and actor Don Backy and b-movie icon George Eastman unite together for a comedy full of action, witty and – punches.Read More »

  • Bruno Corbucci – Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e… con le donne fecero din-don AKA When Women Played Ding Dong (1971)


    Ever hear the classic Greek tale of Lysistrata? Well this is the comedic stone-age version. A tournament is taking place between the male cave-dwellers and the male water-dwellers. The beautiful Listra is prize to the victor Ari. Got is a sore loser and he spitefully cuts off the water supply to the cave-dwellers and demands Listra as ransom. A stone-age arms race ensues and the men in both camps are wholeheartedly enjoined. Listra instigates a plan…the women on both sides retire to the mountains and simply refuse to “put out”. The men are seriously frustrated and agree to end the war. Domestic tranquility is restored. But as the testosterone levels rise, so does the threat to peace and trouble is again brewing on the horizon.Read More »

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