Bruno Delgado Ramo

  • Bruno Delgado Ramo – Bobinas ovinas 1-7 AKA Sheep Reels 1-7 (2018)

    Bruno Delgado Ramo2011-2020DocumentaryExperimentalSpain

    A film about the black head Carranza sheep and the ways of subsistence cattle related to them in Karrantza Valley (Bizkaia, Spain). A series of seven in-camera edited Super-8 reels explores the link between grass, sheep, feeding, wool, milking, cheese, threads. It is a project that began with the recalling of first moving pictures of sheep (MOUTONS ENTRANT À L’ABATTOIR, Lumière Brothers, 1896) and with the correlation between wool spinning and the film rolling pace.Read More »

  • Bruno Delgado Ramo – Bobina en colour #11 (2020)

    2011-2020Bruno Delgado RamoExperimentalShort FilmSpain

    Eleventh reel of a project that starts from the novel “Voyage autour de ma chambre” by Xavier de Maistre. Isn’t memory a color film? Isn’t it a color memory film? “Cinema? Yes, it is a procedure. Red is also a procedure. […] I hope I have made a film, a procedure. Blue is also a procedure.” (Marcel Broodthaers, “Cinéma”, p.66) “It can also happen that that object that I now see yellow, tomorrow will see it orange. The two sensations are what they are, and they demonstrate it by ‘imposing’ their content on me, already yellow and orange. So I must say: in your case – yesterday – I saw O yellow, in another case – today – I see O orange. microscope, I see it in a different color or another way. I have not been deceived in the first case. I have simply seen it without the microscope. I would be deceived if I tried to assign to the second experience the color value of the first, or vice versa. ” (Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, “Philosophical Illuminations”)Read More »

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