Bruno Mattei

  • Bruno Mattei – Robowar – Robot da guerra (1988)

    A clone/mix of PREDATOR, RAMBO, and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an international cast, exotic locale and good electronic music.Read More »

  • Bruno Mattei & Claudio Fragasso – Rats – Notte di terrore AKA Rats: Night of Terror (1984)

    One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands. A group of scavangers on bikes come across a town infested with flesh eating rats, and soon the gore is spilling everywhere.Read More »

  • Bruno Mattei – Emanuelle fuga dall’inferno AKA Emanuelle In Prison (1983)


    From the net:

    While four male convicts are being held temporarily in a women’s prison, they succeed in taking a group hostage and demand their freedom. The district attorney retaliates by forming a select squad to eliminate the troublemakers and a bloody battle ensues.Read More »

  • Bruno Mattei – Sexual aberration – sesso perverso (1979)


    IMDB user review:

    Mattei’s trashy sexual “pseudomentary”
    9 July 2006 | by Scott-from-Modesto (United States)

    Libidomania is great for what it is, an ambitious and exploitive attempt to categorize and critique every manner of paraphilia in graphic detail, but it all has no shock value as most of the movie is comprised of dramatizations of different fetishists in action and different extreme angles on sexuality from around the world. You get some nice gory dramatizations such as a penile dismemberment (a great effect that beats the one in Cannibal Holocaust hands down), a sex-change operation, and a gut-slicing necrophiliac plus a woman wearing a prosthetic penis to stand in for a transsexual. Figure in some sleazy historical scenes like a nun getting head from a bishop, too. At least Mattei keeps it sleazy.Read More »

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