Budd Boetticher

  • Budd Boetticher – The Man from the Alamo (1953)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherDramaUSAWestern

    The Man From the Alamo manages to pack a few nuances and surprises in its traditional western plotline. During the siege at the Alamo, John Stroud (Glenn Ford) is chosen by lot to leave the fort and warn the families of the mission’s defenders of the impending arrival of General Santa Ana. But when everyone around him is wiped out by the Mexicans, Stroud has no proof that he was ordered to leave his post, and is therefore branded a coward. He spends the rest of the film performing acts of conspicuous bravery to clear his name–and also tracks down the film’s real villain, Jess Wade (Victor Jory), who robbed the Alamo victims of their possessions after the smoke cleared. Julie Adams, Chill Wills, Hugh O’Brien, Neville Brand, Arthur Space and future soap-opera star Jeanne Cooper round out the cast. — Hal EricksonRead More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Comanche Station (1960)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherDramaUSAWestern

    A man saves a woman who had been kidnapped by Comanches, then struggles to get both of them home alive.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Behind Locked Doors (1948)

    1941-1950Budd BoetticherFilm NoirUSA

    Obscure Hollywood writes:
    Kathy Lawrence (Bremer), a reporter, has evidence that fugitive judge Finlay Drake (Hayes) is hiding in La Siesta Sanitarium. She hires private investigator Ross Stewart (Carlson) to pose as her mentally unbalanced husband and enter the sanitarium to search for Drake. Kathy gives Ross a picture of the judge. If he finds the fugitive, she will have an important story, and they can split the $10,000 reward offered for Drake’s capture.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Decision at Sundown [+Extras] (1957)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherUSAWestern

    A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – The Killer Is Loose (1956)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherFilm NoirThrillerUSA


    A bank robber’s (Wendell Corey) wife is shot during his arrest by a cop (Joseph Cotten). He escapes to kill the cop’s wife (Rhonda Fleming) as retribution. Despite the cop’s protest, the police decide to use Fleming as a lure. From Warner Brothers Website!Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Ride Lonesome (1959)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherUSAWestern


    A wanted murderer, Billy John, is captured by Ben Brigade, a bounty hunter, who intends to take him to Santa Cruz to be hanged. Brigade stops at a staging post, where he saves the manager’s wife from an Indian attack, and enlists the help of two outlaws to continue his journey more safely. However, the Indian attacks persist, the outlaws plan to take Billy for themselves, tempted by the offer of amnesty for his captor, and Billy’s brother Frank is in hot pursuit to rescue him. But Brigade has plans of his own.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Westbound (1959)

    1951-1960Budd BoetticherUSAWestern

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    A fast-paced western with a romantic twist, this was one of the last films pairing director Budd Boetticher and popular cowboy hero Randolph Scott before Scott’s retirement. John Hayes – Scott – left the Civil War behind him when he took on the job of managing the Overland Stage Lines out of a small Colorado town. Clay Putnam has not forgotten that the Confederacy lost and he plans on robbing Hayes Overland Stage of one of its gold shipments from California to the North. He wants the gold to stay in the South to revive the Confederate cause. Meanwhile, his wife Norma -Virginia Mayo – complicates matters since she was Hayes’ old flame, and Putnam’s cronies want the gold for themselves.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – A Time for Dying (1969)

    1961-1970Budd BoetticherUSAWestern


    This unique western centers on an innocent farm boy with a talent for handling guns who decides to make it big. He begins as a bounty hunter. Later he encounters a crazed gunslinger and ends up fatally shot. Before the fateful encounter, the young man is visited by a number of mythical western heroes including Judge Roy Bean, seen as a sentimental drunk, and Jesse James who gives the boy some good advice.Read More »

  • Budd Boetticher – Escape in the Fog (1945)

    1941-1950Budd BoetticherDramaFilm NoirUSA


    In 1945, Dutch-born actress Nina Foch had the good fortune to star in a pair of economical, satisfying thrillers. She was a damsel in distress in Joseph H. Lewis’ My Name Is Julia Ross, an updated Gothic set in England. In Budd (then ‘Oscar’) Boettischer’s wartime espionage drama Escape In The Fog, she’s a dame in distress in the city by the bay.

    It opens in a nightmare she’s having. Walking one fog-bound night on the Golden Gate Bridge, she sees three men piling out of a taxi trying to kill a fourth. She screams – and the screams bring to her room in Ye Rustic Dell Inn other guests running to her aid. One of them is the intended victim in her dream (William Wright), whom she’s never before laid eyes on. They hit it off, though, and he persuades her to join him for a few days in San Francisco.Read More »

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