Buzz Kulik

  • Buzz Kulik – Incident on a Dark Street (1973)

    1971-1980Buzz KulikCrimeDramaUSA

    By no means a great work, this television movie – a pilot for a series that was never made – does have some strong moments.

    The plot focuses on a team of Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles trying to take down a mobster and a corrupt civil servant. James Olmos plays the straight arrow US Attorney, David Canary is his younger assistant, and Robert Pine (later to land a starring role in CHiPs), the naïve young law school graduate. Together they doggedly pursue Mafia boss Dominic Leopold (Gilbert Roland), piece by piece.Read More »

  • Buzz Kulik – Warning Shot (1967)

    1961-1970Buzz KulikFilm NoirMysteryUSA

    During a stakeout, an L.A. cop kills a doctor who presumably pulled a gun but the coroner’s inquest finds no gun, forcing the cop to look for it to clear his name.Read More »

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