Carl Froelich

  • Carl Froelich – Das Herz der Königin AKA The Queen’s Heart (1940)

    Carl Froelich1931-1940DramaGermanyThird Reich Cinema
    Das Herz der Königin (1940)
    Das Herz der Königin (1940)

    As the title “The Queen’s Heart” suggests, this early German black and white version of Mary Queen of Scott’s eventful reign and death focuses on her emotional perception rather lyrically, with some songs, mainly by her. Starting in the Tower, awaiting and receiving her sentence to the ax from the English court, where Elisabeth I chose to remain absent in person, we flash back to Mary’s arrival after a long exile at the sophisticated, splendidly hedonistic French royal court, where she was raised as a Catholic, in her people’s eyes effeminate or even depraved, elegant pleasure-accustomed lady, at utter odds with the stern Scottish protestantism of John Knox as well as England’s Anglicanism.Read More »

  • Leontine Sagan & Carl Froelich – Mädchen in Uniform (1931)

    1931-1940Carl FroelichDramaGermanyLeontine SaganWeimar Republic cinema

    J. Steed@IMDb wrote:
    The original play “Gestern und Morgen” had its premiere in 1930 and was an immediate success. This prompted Carl Froelich to adapt the play for film. Both leading actress of the play Hertha Thiele (her first film) and the original director of the play Leontine Sagan (also her first film) were invited to join. The direction was split into direction of the cast and mise-en-scene by Leontine Sagan and overall direction by Carl Froelich; this means that Froelich was responsible for the overall quality of the film (in German: Künstleriche Oberleitung).Read More »

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