Carl-Gustav Nykvist

  • Carl-Gustav Nykvist – Kvinnorna på taket AKA The Women on the Roof (1989)

    1981-1990Carl-Gustav NykvistDramaSweden

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    Stockholm, 1914. Having recently escaped Austria, Anna, an impetuous cosmopolitian young photographer, decides to open her own studio in an attic tucked away above the city. When her girlfriend Linnea comes to the city looking for a job, Anna employs the bashful girlish-woman as her partner. Together they fend for themsleves by: posing nude and stealing, as Anna teaches Linnea to relinquish inihibitions. Out of nowhere, Willy, a thin gypsy circus entertainer appears. He and Anna resume a love affair much to Linnea’s dismay. Later, Linnea later learns that Willy helped Anna leave Halling, a sadistic man who kept her in bondage for years. One day Willy suggests the they all leave for America; but Anna resists violently and in a heated argument accidently kills Willy. Now the women struggle to deal with the consequences of Willy’s death.Read More »

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