Carl von Haartman

  • Carl von Haartman – Korkein voitto AKA The Highest Prize (1929)

    1921-1930Carl von HaartmanFinlandSilentThriller

    Ferdinand von Galitzien’s review from the IMDb:
    The Baron Henrik von Hagen is an idle Finn bourgeois (as you can see, decadent people are all over the world…); after eleven years, he meets again an old acquaintance, Madame Vasilyevna, a foreigner who during her youthful days was a ballet dancer while Herr Baron was her faithful cavalier. Once they are reunited again in Helsinki, Herr Baron discovers that Madame Vasilyevna earns her living with a new hobby: she likes very much painting frozen Finn landscapes but especially the ones around military bases.Read More »

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