Carlo Borghesio

  • Mario Soldati & Carlo Borghesio – Due milioni per un sorriso (1939)

    1931-1940Carlo BorghesioComedyItalian Cinema under FascismItalyMario Soldati

    Giacomo Perotti, who made his fortune in America, returns to Italy rich and wealthy. He wants, above all else, to find the woman who in his youth one day smiled at him, making him fall in love.
    This nostalgic and utopian dream is the chance for a shady entrepreneur to persuade him to finance a film in memory of the episode of his distant youth.
    Perotti accidentally meets a young professor who strangely resembles a lot to him when he was young and puts him in charge of the artistic direction of the film. During the casting for the leading actress, the young professor meets a typist, falls in love with her, and would like to make her the star of the film.
    But the shady producer has in mind another actress…Read More »

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