Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

  • Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia – Violette nei capelli (1942)

    Drama1941-1950Carlo Ludovico BragagliaComedyItalian Cinema under FascismItaly

    Lilia Silvi stars as Carina, an orphaned little seamstress, who is in the habit of sneaking out of her window at night, and go to the theater. Once back in her small chamber, she will act out all the parts of the play she has just witnessed.
    Her longing is to be on the stage, and then she meets Oliva and Mirella, two sisters who share her ambition to enter the world of dance and drama. The three girls become inseparable friends, and we follow them in their aspirations to make it to the stage.

    2 small roles for Steno (still an assistant director of C.L. Bragaglia) and Marino Girolami (Fugitive lady).Read More »

  • Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia – Non ti pago! (1942)

    1941-1950Carlo Ludovico BragagliaComedyItaly

    Plot & review:
    From a successful 1940 theater comedy by Eduardo De Filippo.
    Ferdinando Quagliuolo has inherited the management of a Lotto agency after the death of his father. He is also an avid player in search of winning numbers, in spite of his great bad luck.
    One of his employees, Mario Bertolini, by contrast, gets winnings on winnings, prompting a fierce envy in his employer.Read More »

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