Carlos Conceição

  • Carlos Conceição – Carne AKA The Flesh [+Extras] (2010)

    “IMDb wrote:
    Violante, a young and beautiful catholic nun, is facing a few marital issues with her husband Jesus Christ – who stalks her through the dark corners of a decaying convent and seeks to punish her for her (alleged) sins. In a dark stormy night they struggle to win each other to their personal points of view. She quotes the bible in terms of unconditional love – He does the same in terms of capital punishment. But are His manly insecurities based on solid grounds? After escaping His jealous rage, the nun lurks through the dark alleys and the bars like a vampire. Doomed to loneliness, all she wants is a Man. And who can this Man be?Read More »

  • Carlos Conceição – Versailles (2013)


    An elderly woman in a wheelchair and a hormone driven teenage boy arrive to a beach cabin where, through rare moments of lucidity, she will persuade him to kill her.Read More »

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